We don’t just do design. We start conversations with like-minded and diverse groups of people, whether they have a shared interest in design, technology or inspiring social good.

Portable has hosted a number of events over the past decade: film festivals, panel talks, various launches and conferences. This is what we’re doing today.


Innovating In Government Launch

Making change within government is not easy. Our latest report explored the drivers of government innovation within Australia. We’re sharing our insights by launching it across Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney. 


Redesigning Work

Technology, globalisation and automation are all changing our relationship to work. Over the next decade, the way in which we interact with work could be dramatically different to today.

As part of our continuing exploration of how technology is reshaping our world, Portable is hosting a series of dinners and forums.

3066 Neighbourhood Drinks

Every few months we host community drinks on the top floor of our office for people living and working in the area. It’s a chance to meet people, have a few drinks and exchange or relive battle stories.

Community Drinks 3066

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