Our Purpose

Since the company’s inception over a decade ago, our purpose has been clear and consistent: to use advances in design and digital technology to dramatically transform the lives of citizens and the wider public. Our work reflects this mission and over the years we have refined our interests into focus areas listed below.

Access to Justice

Since 2012, we’ve made a commitment to affect change in the justice and legal space. A sector that had yet to be transformed by the internet revolution will be with ever lasting changes to the way we as citizens interact with the law.


We Believe in Government

We believe in Government. We believe in it as a force for good. We believe in its capacity to make broad reaching and impactful change possible for millions of people, if put to use correctly. As such Government is both a partner and a central focus of our work.


Our interest in education is to make it more equitable, accessible and engaging for the people that use it. The type of learning people want and need has shifted dramatically in the internet age, and we have been working with some of the world’s leading institutions and innovators to match this need.


Digital Health

We see a large disconnect in what the health industry – whether practitioners, governments or insurers – wants and what end users want. Our passion is to bring these two communities together.

The Power of Start-Ups

We like to help people with vision. That’s why over the past decade we have helped individuals re-think entire industries through design and technology. We’ve conceived, launched and exited from our own start-ups along the way too.


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