Design and Technology

Portable is a digital innovation and design company proudly born in Melbourne, Australia. For over a decade, Portable has been at the frontier of design and technology working with governments, businesses and entire organisations to drive change.

Our Work
and Case Studies.

Solving complex problems requires not only exceptional skills but proven leadership. We work with government, business and not for profits to engage with some of societies hardest problems to come up with innovative solutions. These selected case studies demonstrate the range of latest technologies, frameworks and standards used to produce our work.


Transforming Justice

Since 2012, we’ve made a commitment to affect change in the justice and legal space. A sector that had yet to be transformed by the internet revolution will be with ever lasting changes to the way we as citizens interact with the law.


Proud to be B

Portable is proud to be one of the few digital companies in the world to hold a B Corp status, which means we measure our success by social impact, as much as financial. 


Reports and Opinions

Waiting for businesses and governments to change can be a lonely, disappointing experience. We work actively to drive the change we want to in the world through research, policy submissions, reports and events.


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